Credits Theme - Ken Ross, "Home I've Never Known"

Ken is a good bud from our Chicago days. We asked if he would help us out with music to run under the credits. Fantastic collaborator that he is, Ken went to work on "Home I've Never Known," the full version of which you can listen to and download below.


 Ken says: 

"Home I've Never Known" is a track that was created in a goal to compliment the Telescope film both in terms of the song's content as well as the recording techniques used in its production. After seeing the initial cuts of the film, I was impressed with how well it accomplished a contemporary feel using a significant amount of retro, 1970's and 80's set design. I looked to incorporate this approach to creating music that would parallel the film.

I used the scores of preeminent British film and television composer Alan Hawkshaw as a sonic jumping point. His innovative compositions during the 1960's and 70's seamlessly blended analog synthesizers with traditional instrumentation to create ambient, yet soulful waves of sound, which I along with the rest of the Telescope film crew found to be exceptionally inspirational to the project. Blending my contemporary hip-hop and neo-soul tendencies along with Hawkshaw's concepts created a palette for the track which looked to span multiple genres and decades, similar to the goals of the film.

I was hearing female vocals working well over the instrumental, so I asked my friend Kate Quinby to collaborate. We spent a night watching and discussing the film, and selected some themes which we found to be ideal songwriting material. Our society constantly focuses on an individual's origins as a means to understand their identity. But really, we are critically shaped by the journeys each of us take from our "homes". We found this concept to be a prominent theme within the film and used it as a thesis to the song." 

Big thanks to Ken for throwing down as hard as he does. If you're in Chicago, do yourself a favor and catch up with him live on the jazz guitar and don't miss him on his site

Collin liked the song so much he couldn't resist doing a remix. It's included in the download link above and you can listen below. Look for more posts about musical inspirations, the original Telescope soundtrack with Zach Robinson and Doug Kaplan + lots more soon.